How Your Donation Helps

Supporting the Open University of Israel OUI offers a unique opportunity to change the lives of thousands of individuals living in Israel. By opening the doors to higher education OUI enables all Israelis to realize their full potenial and help build better lives for themselves, their families and their nation.

While OUI’s open admissions policy welcomes all applicants, every enrolled student is required to pay tuition. To make higher education truly open, the American friends of the OUI provide financial support for scholarships and textbooks, as well for as funding to attract and retain young faculty, to expand pioneering research initiatives, to develop new distance learning technologies and methods, and to support other vital prorgrams, projects and student services.

Contributions of any amount are welcome.

Your gift of $50  can provide a partial scholarship for an on-duty Israeli soldier.
Your gift of $100 can provide two hours of tutoring for a student with disabilities.
Your gift of $250 can make it possible for OUI to process 350 pages of a book in preparation for producing it in audio format for students with vision impairment.
Your gift of $500 can cover the cost of tuition for one course for a financially needy student, such as a new Russian immigrant, an Israeli-Arab, or an ultra-Orthodox student.

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