Alberto Sutton

Alberto Sutton is an entrepreneur and brokerage industry executive whose professional success demonstrates that the American dream is very much alive and well.

Mr. Sutton, born in Beirut, Lebanon, came to the United States when he was seven.  At the age of 24 he founded a brokerage firm named Middlegate Securities.  He was soon joined by his brothers and today, more than 20 years after its launch, Middlegate Securities is a leader in wealth management services for high net worth individuals.

Mr. Sutton is also a leader in the Jewish community in Brooklyn.  He is a very active board member of the Magen David Yeshiva, serves on the board of the Sephardic Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and is a trustee of Yeshiva of Flatbush.

Fluent in Arabic and Hebrew as well as English, Mr. Sutton and his wife, Susan, both have close relatives in Israel and travel there regularly.  The couple has four children and two grandchildren.