A Reflection of Israel’s Diverse Society

Most of the the Open University’s 45,000 students appreciate the flexibility OUI’s distance learning methodology provides.  It enables them to balance their life, work, and personal and family schedules.  Students study at home, at their workplace, even in their barracks, supported by online and face-to-face tutoring at more than 50 Study Centers throughout Israel.

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Every sector of Israeli society and every walk of life are represented in the OUI’s student body.

  • Israel’s Workforce, the largest sector of OUI students, seeks advanced education, professional status, career advancement or change, or updates in their specific field while at work
  • Professionals and university graduates seek to broaden their knowledge after having focused exclusively on their professional training
  • Teachers and school principals upgrade their education, specialty or degree without interfering with their teaching obligations
  • Active-duty Soldiers study at the only university where soldiers are authorized officially by the military to pursue their studies.
  • Veterans choose to continue their studies while working after military service
  • Israel’s Arab Sector, Israel’s largest minority, study from remote locations, aided by OUI’s open admissions policy and scholarship funds
  • Gifted high school students take advanced courses while still in high school to get a head start on the rest of their lives
  • Senior citizens pursue new studies and complete academic degrees inaccessible to them earlier due to lack of time, financial support or illness
  • Distant populations access higher education despite their remote locations far from conventional university centers
  • Home-bound individuals, including mothers raising small children, the physically challenged, Ultra-Orthodox or Arab women who lack basic secular education
  • Prisoners take special OUI correspondence courses to help them re-enter society upon their release