Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies

Yoram Eshet-Alkalai

Headed by Prof. Yoram Eshet-Alkalai

As a university based on distance learning, the Open University is committed to the ongoing improvement of its teaching quality through the integration of innovative learning and teaching technologies.

The Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies serves as the research division of the Open University for exploring emerging technologies and developing models and strategies for their integration in learning. The Center is composed of a consortium of about fifty faculty members from various Open University departments. It supports studies conducted by its members and their students.

The Center conducts a wide variety of academic activities such as symposia, workshops, conferences and research seminars. As the biggest and most active research center of its kind in Israel, the center’s academic work provides a meeting ground for researchers from most academic institutes and organizations in Israel.

The Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies operates in close collaboration with Shoham (the Center for Technology in Distance Education). It was founded in 2010, replacing the Chais Center, which was active from 2004.

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