Higher Ed for All

OUI’s Open Admissions Policy —  Unique in Israel

OUI’s open admissions policy waives the high school matriculation requirement or the certificate requirement from another educational institution for admission.  Students can enroll in one course or any Bachelor’s degree program with no prior academic record.

An applicant’s personal ambition, motivation self-discipline and, ultimately, their academic achievement, is the key to their success.  Given OUI’s physical and virtual supportive learning environment, it is up to the students themselves to study on their own, actively participate in group learning activities, meet deadlines and fulfill all of the demanding academic requirements for each course.

In 1996, the OUI began to offer programs leading to a Master’s degree.  In contrast to the undergraduate studies, admission to graduate studies is contingent upon fulfillment of entrance requirements.

OUI has played a pivotal role in the lives of each of its more than 35,000 graduates. Meet some of those graduates here.