Facts and Figures

  • 46,000 students More students study at the OUI than any of Israel’s other seven universities.
  • Diverse student body — 80% of students work in a broad spectrum of vocations, many in growth-track professions in which higher education will help them achieve advancement.  The student body represents a cross section of Israeli society, including ultra-Orthodox, Israeli Arabs, high school students, new immigrants and students with special needs.
  • Active Duty Soldiers— The OUI is the only higher education institution that active duty Israeli soldiers can attend independently. More than 600 are enrolled in at least one course
  • Over 50,000 graduates
  • More than 600 courses — from Judaic studies and Economics to Computer Science and Industrial Engineering.  Interactions between tutors and students are enhanced by course websites with interactive features. All courses are in Hebrew – select courses are also available in Russian and Arabic.
  • Publishes more than one million textbooks each year— It is the largest academic press in Israel.  Books are used by all OUI students and many other Israeli universities and colleges.
  • More than 50 study centers throughout Israel— Students participate in tutoring sessions, and counseling and learning resources are available.
  • More than 2,000 employees, including 90 full-time faculty and over 1,000 course tutors.

The Open University Foundation provides needed support for scholarships and textbooks, faculty recruitment and research, and for innovations in distance learning (such as the new Virtual Labs initiative).